Emendments to Sprengelia Sm., (Epacridoideae Ericaceae), Tasmania Australia

Ron K. Crowden


Sprengelia montana R.Br. and S propinqua A.Cunn. ex DC are separated from S. incarnata and restored to species status.
Emended descriptions for S. incarnata, S. montana and S. propinqua are given. A new endemic species for Tasmania,
S. minima, R.K.Crowden is described and the relationship between the Tasmanian endemics, S. distichophylla (Rodw.)
Curtis and S. minima, and the New South Wales endemics, S. monticola (A.Cunn ex DC) Druce and S. sprengelioides
(R.Br.) Druce is discussed. An identification key for Sprengelia is provided.


Sprengelia; Ericaceae; Epacrioideae

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7751/telopea2013008