Desmocladus (Restionaceae) enlarged to include the Western Australian Harperia, Kulinia and Onychosepalum

Barbara Gillian Briggs


A recent phylogeny of the restiid clade of Poales based on chloroplast DNA data has shown several currently recognised genera of Leptocarpoideae to be paraphyletic or polyphyletic. In the largely Western Australian Desmocladus clade, Kulinia, Onychosepalum and Harperia appear embedded in Desmocladus. These are now included in Desmocladus and the new combinations D. confertospicatus, D. eludens, D. eyreanus, D. ferruginipes, D. lateriflorus, D. laxiflorus, D. microcarpus and D. nodatus are provided.


Desmocladus, Restionaceae, Western Australia, Harperia, Kulinia, Onychosepalum, new combinations.

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