A new species of Camellia section Dalatia (Theaceae) from Vietnam

George Orel, Anthony Stephen Curry


A new species of Camellia L. (Theaceae) endemic to the Da Lat Plateau in southern Vietnam is described and illustrated: Camellia hongiaoensis Orel & Curry. The newly described species possesses mostly solitary, axillary or terminal flowers; corolla parts (10-15, 11-13); distinctly recognizable outer whorl consisting either of sepals or petaloids, a random arrangement of petals in a tight and uneven spiral, numerous proximally fused stamens and a 4 or 5-carpellate ovary.


Camellia hongiaoensis, Da Lat Plateau, IUCN Red List, sect. Dalatia

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7751/telopea20147551