Additions to the liverwort flora of the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand Botanical Region

John Braggins, Matt Renner, Peter de Lange


Five liverwort species are reported for the first time from the New Zealand Botanical Region, all from Raoul Island in
the Kermadec Islands group: Ceratolejeunea belangeriana, Notoscyphus lucescens and Lepidolejeunea integristipula (new records for their respective genera in New Zealand), Acrolejeunea pycnoclada var pycnoclada and Cheilolejeunea ceylanica. Keys to Australasian Acrolejeunea and vitate species of Cheilolejeunea subg. Xenolejeunea are provided.


liverwort; Acrolejeunea; A. pycnoclada var. pycnoclada; Ceratolejeunea belangeriana; Cheilolejeunea; C. ceylanica; Lepidolejeunea; L. integristipula; Notoscyphus; N. lutescens; Kermadec Islands group; New Zealand Botanical Region; New Zealand

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