New Bryophyte Records from Turkey and Southwest Asia

Nevzat BATAN, Osman Özcan, Turan Özdemir


Five bryophytes collected during bryological forays to the Ordu and Burdur regions of Turkey were of
particular interest. Among them, Orthotrichum hookeri, Plagiothecium neckeroideum and Thamnobryum
neckeroides were found to be new to Turkey. Orthotrichum hookeri and Plagiothecium neckeroideum are also
new to Southwest Asia. Descriptions, illustrations, ecology, geographic distribution and comparisons with
morphologically similar taxa are presented. Two species, Hookeria acutifolia and Orthotrichum sordidum, were
recorded only for the second time in Turkey.


Bryophytes, Orthotrichum, Plagiothecium, Thamnobryum, Hookeria,Turkey, Southwest Asia, new record

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