The lichen genus Rhizocarpon in mainland Australia

Patrick McCarthy, John Elix


Two species of the lichen genus Rhizocarpon Ramond ex DC. (Rhizocarpaceae, Ascomycota), R. flavomedullosum Elix & P.M.McCarthy and R. vigilans P.M.McCarthy & Elix, are described as new to science. Six others [R. adarense (Darb.) I.M.Lamb, R. eupetraeoides (Nyl.) Blomb. & Forssell, R. geminatum Körb., R. intersitum Arnold, R. lavatum (Fr.) Hazsl. and R. lecanorinum Anders] are reported from Australia for the first time. Variation in the composition of lichen substances is documented, and a key is provided to the 18 Australian taxa.


Biodiversity research; lichenized fungi; taxonomy

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