The identity of Restio trisepalus Nees, the new combination Leptocarpus trisepalus and lectotypifications in Australian Restionaceae

Barbara Gillian Briggs


Restio trisepalus Nees is identified as an earlier name for the recently published Western Australian species Leptocarpus elegans B.G.Briggs. The new combination, Leptocarpus trisepalus (Nees) B.G.Briggs, is provided. Lectotypes are designated for Leptocarpus erianthus Benth., Leptocarpus thamnochortoides F.Muell., Lepyrodia paniculata F.Muell. and Lepyrodia muirii F.Muell.; only the last of these being a currently accepted name.


lectotype designations, Leptocarpus, Nees von Esenbeck, new combination, Australia

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