Primulina linglingensis var. fragrans, a new variety (Gesneriaceae) from Guangxi, China

Yu-Zhen Ge, Fang Wen, Bo Pan


Primulina linglingensis var. fragrans (Gesneriaceae) endemic to Guangxi, China, is described and illustrated here
as a new variety. The newly described variety is similar to P. linglingensis var. linglingensis but differs by having
leaf blade nearly symmetric to symmetric, inflorescence with cymes 2–8-flowered, peduncle densely hairy with
glandular and eglandular indumentum, bracts narrowly ovate, corolla usually bicolor, staminodes 2, ovary and
style densely hairy and glandular-hairy. Notes on habitat, distribution and conservation status are provided.


Gesneriaceae; Guangxi, New species; Primulina

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