International Education Journal, 6 (4) 2005


  • Various authors, IEJ


Volume 6 Number 4 September 2005


Finding the true incidence rate of plagiarism
Price, J. and Price, R.


The effectiveness of problem-based learning in the web-based environment for the delivery of an undergraduate physics course
Atan, H., Sulaiman, F. and Idrus, R.M.


Booni Valley women's perceptions of schooling: Hopes and barriers
Pardhan, A.


The potential of Singapore's ability driven education to prepare students for a knowledge economy
Tan, C.


Democratic development and the role of citizenship education in sub-Saharan Africa with a case focus on Zambia
Abdi, A.A., Ellis, L. and Shizha, E.


Technology integration in education in developing countries: Guidelines to policy makers
Jhurree, V.


Adjustment problems of Iranian international students in Scotland
Mehdizadeh, N. and Scott, G.


Autonomy and liberalism in a multicultural society
Jewell, P.


Emirati pre-service teachers' perceptions of Europe and Europeans and their teaching implications
Kostoulas-Makrakis, N.


The shifting paradigm: Who is the intellectual of the 21st century?
Farahani, A.J.


Multicultural education and racism: The case of Arab-Australian students in contemporary Australia
Mansouri, F. and Trembath, A.


Adult education in Nigeria: The consequence of neglect and agenda for action
Nnazor, R.


The study of sociology in Turkish higher education
Kasapoglu, A.






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