Policy brief: Polish LGBTQIA+ students at risk: How can schools protect them?


  • Jared Prentis The University of Melbourne




Recognising and meeting the social and emotional wellbeing needs of LGBTQIA+ students is an essential education policy issue globally. Yet, research suggests that this vulnerable group continues to face challenges to their ability to feel culturally safe at school. Negative experiences include verbal and physical abuse, and this often results in poor outcomes for students. Certain European countries such as Malta and The Netherlands have demonstrated positive progress towards enacting inclusive policy, while others, including Poland, are known to have made little or no development in this area. This paper provides a policy issue analysis on the current situation in Polish schools while considering the added threat of LGBT+ free zones that have plagued the political landscape and exist as a further barrier to tolerance and empowerment. Following this discourse, recommendations for school communities have been provided for the purpose of establishing safe learning environments for LGBTQIA+ students.