Health Education in Practice: Journal of Research for Professional Learning (HEPJ) (ISSN: 2209-3974) is an electronic journal dedicated to research and evaluation related to health education in practice.

As an open access publication, the journal is designed to encourage dialogues with national and international communities of practice.

HEPJ is published online throughout the year and compiled in two issues a year. The journal is published in two streams:

Research and Evaluation (4000-7000 words)
articles submitted for double-blind peer review
Education-in-practice (500-2000 words)
articles submitted for single-blind peer review, using separate criteria.

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For information on author and submission guidelines or review, see the About section. Questions and queries can be emailed to the Editorial team. Please create an account to submit or enrol.




Prospective authors and reviewers are invited to contribute to the next volume of the Health Education in Practice: Journal of Research for Professional Learning (HEPJ). 

HEPJ publishes results of research into and evaluation of practice-based education of the workforce in health, including discussions of theoretical issues related to health education. It aims to:

  • Enhance education and training of the workforce by sharing best available evidence from practice-based and academic research
  • Contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning, particularly in health
  • Foster communication and connections between communities of practice with similar interests
  • Promote innovation in health education and communication of findings.

Papers rely on the efforts of reviewers to ensure high quality and are published in two streams:

  • The Research and Evaluation stream (scholarly) is submitted for double-blind peer review
  • Education-in-practice stream (professional) is submitted for single-blind peer review.

Articles are published online as they are accepted for publication.

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Contact: Luciano Melo, Journal Manager, [email protected]

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