From observation of pupils’ literacy-based practices towards the mentoring and professional development of teachers: An adaptation of the observation table of the Implementation Plan for the Pacific Literacy and School Leadership Programme (PLSLP).


  • Yolande Cavaloc University of New Caledonia
  • Severine Ferriere University of New Caledonia
  • Nathalie Dupeux University of Clermont-Ferrand


primary school, professional development of teachers, literacy,


This article reports on research on adapting the Pacific Literacy and School Leadership Program in New Caledonia. The starting point of this study is the fact that many adults in New Caledonia have difficulties mastering the French language. In order to test the tools developed in the PLSLP program and to contextualise them in schools of New Caledonia, we first carried out a series of observations during a year with three schools. Following this phase of adaptation, the observed population was composed of seven teachers in three schools, comprising one man and five women over three years. The deployment of the program throughout New Caledonia would benefit pupils encountering difficulties in learning, particularly in schools of the North Province and of the Island Province. This would enable us to measure the efficiency of the program on the scaffolding of literacy-based skills alongside the professional support of teachers, while also progressing the research on comparisons with the countries of Oceania involved in the PLSLP.

Author Biography

Severine Ferriere, University of New Caledonia

Lecturer in educational sciences






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