Implementing sustainable EdTech projects in Small Island Developing states: Strategies, challenges and reflections



EdTech, sustainability, eLearning, foreign aid, education development, Small Island Developing States (SIDS)


This paper discusses issues involved in trying to make foreign aid-funded education technology (EdTech) projects sustainable in the context of Small Island Developing States. Using two EdTech projects, the paper shares the authors’ experiences in working towards sustainability by involving local stakeholders through collaborative design and implementation processes and other strategies. The paper also highlights challenges faced and how they were overcome, such as by changes in local ministry staff and restrictions on travel during the coronavirus pandemic. The strategies, lessons and recommendations shared in the paper are intended to assist other practitioners in the area and contribute to collaborative learning through sharing practitioner experiences. While designing a foreign aid-funded project that is sustainable is not easy, this paper concludes that by sharing experiences and working collaboratively with local stakeholders, project teams can develop successful strategies to enhance sustainability.

Author Biographies

Artila Devi, Catalpa International

Education and Partnerships Manager

Ligia Guterres, Catalpa International

Education Technology Manager






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