Vietnamese international students


  • Andrew Wearring University of Sydney
  • Huong Le Deakin University
  • Rachel Wilson University of Sydney
  • Rodney Arambewela Deakin University


international students, students’ satisfaction, Vietnamese, student experiences, higher education



Universities are increasingly catering to this wider market, which is especially enticing to institutions given that working, sometime mature-aged students may have deeper pockets and so often prefer to enrol into graduate and/or full-fee paying programs. International students are an important part of this more complete image of the university sector globally today. This paper will explore perceptions of Vietnamese international students studying with regard to their experience on teaching and learning in Australia through series of qualitative interviews. The findings indicate that Vietnamese students struggled with language, assessment, Western teaching and learning style.  Many interviewees felt that local students often lumped them together with other international students, who sometimes had no desire to befriend or even work with them. The paper will provide recommendations on how to improve students’ experience perceived as customers in the higher education context and adds to the current debate on international students’ satisfaction and international education generally.

Author Biographies

Andrew Wearring, University of Sydney

Andrew Wearring (PhD, University of Sydney) has worked on research projects in tertiary education and for the not-for-profit sector. His research interests are in universities and international education, workforce issues and disadvantage.

Huong Le, Deakin University

Huong Le  (PhD, University of Sydney) teaches in School of Management and Marketing, Faculty of Business & Law at Deakin University. Her research interests are in cross-cultural research, and educational management, student experience, international education and tourism marketing. She has conducted studies in several cultures, including Vietnam and Australia.

Rachel Wilson, University of Sydney

Rachel Wilson (DPhil, University of Oxford) is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney, Australia. Rachel conducts educational research on early childhood through to higher education and has a strong interest in evidence-based policy.

Rodney Arambewela, Deakin University

Rodney Arambewela (PhD, Victoria University) is an Honorary Fellow at Deakin Business School, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University, Australia. His research interests include international education, issues in higher education, teaching and learning, customer satisfaction, international marketing, and services marketing.






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