8 Ways of knowing: Embedding Yunkaporta’s Indigenous framework across the Faculty of Science


  • Hollie Susan Tose University of Newcastle
  • Mark Quinan University of Newcastle


Inclusive practice, Indigenous pedagogy, science education


The benefits of blending Indigenous pedagogical approaches with Western ways of teaching and learning are well documented (Yunkaporta, 2009; Aldridge, 2016). Yunkaporta's 'Eight Ways of Knowing' framework demonstrates the common ground between Indigenous and western pedagogies, and provides educators with practical tools for integration. At the University of Newcastle, the Faculty of Science is driving a long-term project, which will see Tyson Yunkaporta’s ‘8 Ways of Knowing’ framework embedded into the pedagogy across the faculty. The aim is to increase the use of high impact teaching strategies, have consistency in practice across disciplines, and create common pedagogical language that allows for cross-disciplinary conversations to occur. The embedding of inclusive pedagogy into the heart of our scientific education will foster more open and respectful practice, and through transparent and open dialogue with students, allow for more empathetic and respectful graduates. To support the project, a series of professional development workshops, and resources have been created to support the transition. Currently in the first year of the project, initial feedback from both staff and students has been positive. This presentation will discuss how the Faculty of Science intend on navigating this project, initial feedback, and challenges, successes and visions for the future.

Author Biographies

Hollie Susan Tose, University of Newcastle

Faculty of Science Quality Teaching and Learning Officer

Mark Quinan, University of Newcastle

Faculty of Science Project Officer