Creative game-based scenario podcasts to improve the learning experience and outcomes for first-year physiology students


  • Chris Lillico Victoria University
  • Kathy Tangalakis Victoria University
  • Rudi Klein Victoria University
  • Alan Hayes Victoria University


Podcasts, Creativity, Engagement, Learning


BACKGROUND Educational podcasts have the potential to be an excellent medium to promote student creativity and engagement for learning (Forbes, 2015). AIMS Evaluating the effectiveness of using a creative game-based scenario and learner-generated podcasts on student engagement and assessment performance. DESCRIPTION OF INTERVENTION Students are immersed into a creative game-based scenario and produce a team podcast related to one topic of physiology. Podcasts are then presented, with students participating in their assessment. DESIGN AND METHODS Intervention effectiveness was assessed by comparing test results for 2019 and 2018 (no podcast use). Qualitative data obtained for several constructs of interest, including satisfaction, engagement, learning and creativity have been sourced via surveys, questionnaires, and interviews. RESULTS Statistical analysis (t-tests p <0.05) found no significance difference between test scores for the 2018 (n =172) and 2019 (n =142) cohorts. Sixty-three podcasts were produced averaging a mark of 73%. 155 respondents to surveys, questionnaires and interviews have provided supportive feedback: “It was a great experience - first of its kind” and “I was able to apply knowledge in a scenario, which further promoted my learning.” CONCLUSIONS While no positive effect on test performance was found, feedback suggests that creative-game based scenario podcasts provide an engaging student learning experience.

Author Biographies

Chris Lillico, Victoria University

Institute of Health & Sport

Kathy Tangalakis, Victoria University

Associate Professor Kathy Tangalakis, Acting Head of Scholarship and Professional Learning, First Year College, Victoria University

Alan Hayes, Victoria University

Institute of Health & Sport