Trial implementation of Microsoft 365 teams and Onenote in teaching chemistry laboratory classes


  • Magdalena Wajrak Edith Cowan University


Microsoft Office 365, Teams, OneNote, Electronic Lab Books, Chemistry


The aim of this presentation is to share experiences from the implementation of Microsoft Office 365 Teams and OneNote in teaching laboratory classes in two first year chemistry units at Edith Cowan University. With the introduction of Microsoft Office 365 into University system and the drive to introduce students to the latest digital innovations and experiences, a trial of Teams and OneNote programs, available through Office 365, was implemented in two of first year laboratory chemistry units. OneNote program allows for collaborative digital design lab books and instant feedback from the demonstrator on student’s laboratory performance through online sharing of electronic lab books. It also allows for data analysis using Excel spreadsheet within OneNote, drawing using digital pen, taking videos and photos and most importantly easy sharing of data between students in the same lab class or other lab classes. Teams allows students to work collaboratively on a project, by allocating each student within a group with specific tasks and due dates and allowing the lecturer to view the progress of each group and provide feedback online. Microsoft Office 365 offers a new platform for academics to teach from and a new learning experience for students. This trial was done to investigate how this new approach to teaching in a laboratory classroom can potentially enhance student’s understanding of chemical concepts and increase the value of laboratory experience for first year chemistry students.

Author Biography

Magdalena Wajrak, Edith Cowan University

School of Science