Expanding and transforming the student learning experience through accessible, equitable and sustainable multi-disciplinary support initiatives


  • Deborah Jackson La Trobe University


mathematics support, statistics support, science support, coding support, mathematical skills, multi-disciplinary support


Relevant, tailored, subject support, and basic skills support, are vital components of a successful student learning experience, particularly for building confidence, competency, and good outcomes. Support that is easily accessible and conducted in a friendly, sensitive, equitable environment, encourages students to confront their concerns and improve their skills. What are the features that support needs to ensure an enhanced student learning experience? How can we appropriate and measure provision of support? And why is support necessary? This presentation discusses how a multi-disciplinary maths support model grew, developed, and led to successful student outcomes, and how the model was taken up elsewhere with similar positive effects. The introduction of a large support centre (the Maths Hub, La Trobe University) then opened the door to more specific subject support whilst including the ongoing basic skills support programs (Maths Skills Programs/ Maths Hub Modules). How the centre coped with the increased demand from new disciplines/subjects seeking support, and how feedback was monitored to ensure students enjoyed their support experiences, will be discussed.  Following on from the success of the Maths Hub, a Science Hub and a Coding Hub were introduced with similar design and delivery. How those adaptations were accomplished and sustained will also be discussed.