Online modules for accessible, equitable and sustainable learning



online learning, learning media, chemistry education


In traditional lectures (whether face-to-face or online), it can be challenging to provide an equitable learning experience for students with varying motivations, background knowledge, or preferred modes of information processing. For this reason, we recently designed a foundational unit with virtual ‘eModules’ as the primary mode of content delivery in place of lectures. These modules are self-paced, can be launched asynchronously, and contain a variety of embedded multimedia or interactive elements. These enhance accessibility and equity by giving students choice in when, where, and how they engage with content. Additionally, the modules can easily be re-tooled and deployed on a large scale for sustainable delivery. The success of this approach was evidenced by the highly positive reception from students (over 85% satisfaction in formal evaluation surveys) along with strong academic performance. The use of eModules is now being trialled in several other units ranging from first-year undergraduate to postgraduate levels as a means of creating structured learning paths catering to diverse student needs.

Author Biographies

Georgina Sauzier, Curtin University

School of Molecular and Life Sciences

Alan Payne, Curtin University

School of Molecular and Life Sciences