Promoting equity in STEM classrooms


  • Lisa Harvey-Smith University of New South Wales


This keynote, delivered by Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, will outline the current state of play for women and girls’ participation in STEM, and consider how staff in universities can contribute to achieving greater equity in STEM subjects. Professor Harvey-Smith is the Australian Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador and a Professor of Practice at the University of New South Wales. In her role, Lisa and her team work to cultivate the conditions in which all Australians can pursue successful and rewarding careers in STEM. The work of the Ambassador’s Office includes: providing expert advice to policy makers, peak bodies, and other stakeholders; education and outreach through the Future You national awareness raising initiative; as well as contributing to current research into equitable STEM participation and evidence-based practices to improve participation, engagement and outcomes for diverse students.

Author Biography

Lisa Harvey-Smith, University of New South Wales

Australian Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador