Scenario-based MUVE for Science Inquiry


  • Michael J. Jacobson
  • Debbie Richards
  • Shannon Kennedy-Clark
  • Katherine Thompson
  • Charlotte Taylor
  • Chun Hu
  • Meredith Taylor
  • Iwan Kartiko


The development of scientific inquiry skills is a core element of the draft national science curriculum for secondary school students. Yet, despite the prominence of inquiry learning in the curriculum, research has shown that student understanding of and interest in engaging in scientific inquiry is lacking in Australian secondary schools. The purpose of the Virtual Worlds project, which commenced this year, is to conduct learning and cognitive sciences-based research into the potential of scenario-based Multi-User Virtual Environment systems to promote and perhaps enhance secondary school learning experiences. In this paper we consider a number of existing science education-based multi-user virtual environments and introduce our project including our goals, approach and scenario underpinning the virtual world.