Mapping Science Subjects: A Ground Up Approach


  • Glennys O'Brien
  • Lorna Jarrett
  • Emily Purser
  • Christine Brown


The need to clearly demonstrate the components and outcomes of a curriculum is a major factor in the drive for quality assurance manifest across the tertiary education sector. This project is a detailed gathering of commentary and data about the subjects offered in the Faculty of Science, UOW. The project aims to provide a means of tracking concept and skill development through curricula, to identify sharable resources and teaching practice, to clarify support needs and to provide a means for storing and maintaining an ongoing record of commentary and data about each subject. The investigative approach is a type of curriculum mapping based on interviews with key players in the design, delivery and reception of the curriculum. In the process all available materials and data about each subject were gathered. The methodology has been developed and used first for mapping of subjects within the School of Chemistry, providing a tested and flexible process to facilitate the investigation in the other Schools in the faculty. For Chemistry subjects a dataset of information is now available from which developments in curriculum and teaching management are proceeding. From staff and student interviews and our collective experience we can also report valuable commentary.