Aligning Learning and Assessment Through Adaptive Strategies in Tutorials in Physics at the University of Auckland


  • Graham F. Foster


Continuous assessment in physics is important for students. It provides the development of mental models by revising and revisiting concepts. In Physics 120 “Physics of Energy” and Physics 150 “Physics of Technology” at the University of Auckland, we identified that during 2007 and 2008 there was a significant and increasing non-participation rate in assignments and tests. In 2009 strategies were implemented to improve participation by adapting tutorials to be more interactive and aligned to the online assignment assessments. There were four online OASIS assignment assessments spread through each course. One week prior to submitting the assignment assessment, six practice questions were given. These questions were similar to those questions in the interactive tutorials. Four OASIS questions were given with changed variables as the assignment assessment. After the third and fourth OASIS assignments there was a strong indication that alignment between tutorial questions and assignments encouraged more participation and completion of OASIS assignments.