Teaching and Flexible Learning in Science and Entrepreneurship Courses Using Mobile Devices


  • Peter Cottrell
  • Rachel Wright
  • Lou Reinisch


Mobile devices, such as iPods and cell phones, are a ubiquitous part of our world today. Young people have particularly embraced this technology and it is an integral part of their daily lives. 
The Science and Entrepreneurship courses, SCIE301 and SCIE302, offered at the University of Canterbury, use this technology to introduce students to how an idea in the laboratory can be developed in a commercial environment. These courses are designed for students, either on- or off-campus (distance) learners, from a broad range of disciplines. We have incorporated the use of mobile devices into SCIE301 and SCIE302 as teaching and flexible learning tools. The lecture content is provided as downloadable mp3 or mp4 files (video podcasts or vodcast format) for students to view in their own time. This course material is a combination of lectures, videos and PowerPoint presentations. The students are also provided with DVDs containing video case studies of individuals discussing their experiences in the world of entrepreneurship. The face-to-face lecture time is spent interacting with guest entrepreneurs and discussing the case studies. In this workshop we will present our innovative teaching methods that are facilitating flexible learning and discuss our future plans for utilising mobile devices in teaching and learning.