Expanding the boundaries of science learning


  • Katherine Legge
  • Claire Brooks


How can a centralised, innovative, research intensive university overcome barriers to high quality science education for geographically diverse student cohorts? La Trobe is firmly established as a multi-campus university catering cohorts of students in campuses across Northern Victoria. Yet our history and traditional science research and teaching success do not fit well with new demands on teaching science. The size and disparity of the campuses means that the hub and spoke paradigm whereby a large central campus devolves learning via video-link to smaller rural and regional campuses is inappropriate. The Multi-campus teaching project is being undertaken concurrently with a whole scale curriculum review and re-design (Design for Learning). The project aims to develop guidelines that support academics to design their teaching around activities that are commensurable with optimal learning opportunities at different locations. In this presentation we will discuss the aspects of pedagogy, technology and organisational structure that need modification and the means by which the Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering can holistically integrate the skills and demands of all academics and professional staff to overcome some of the disadvantages of regionalisation and build on strengths wherever they exist.