Strengthening alignment between secondary and tertiary biology education and enhancing student transitions in the sciences


  • Karen Burke da Silva
  • Mary Familari
  • Gerry Rayner
  • Tania Blanksby
  • Jeanne Young


It would be unwise to think that implementation of the national secondary school biology curriculum will not affect what universities teach. Educators will face challenges but there is also a unique opportunity for a simultaneous curriculum reform at the tertiary level. Our primary aim is to align the biology curricula offered in the two sectors. This alignment has the potential to improve the opportunities for success in higher education among entry level students with diverse backgrounds when there is better integration between two sectors operating independently. Our goal is to foster a dialogue between these two sectors to develop a collaborative network that will inform curriculum development to address the immediate needs arising from the national curriculum. An interactive website that promotes constant dialogue and refinement, will in the long term help maintain consistency in educational standards.