Sydney Network of University Science Educators (SNUSE): I must have dozed off!


  • Noel Whitaker
  • Michelle Kofod
  • Rosanne Quinnell
  • Iona Reid
  • Julian Cox


SNUSE was formed in 2004 to facilitate collaboration between academics from University of New South Wales, The University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, University of Western Sydney and Macquarie University interested in learning and teaching. While this community of practice was energetic and successful in its aims in its early stages, it is now in much need of reinvigoration. We propose an "ideas exchange" and invite anyone interested in re-energising SNUSE. Feedback from the survey of SNUSE members last year indicated: 1) that a forum such as Uniserve is appropriate for a relaunch of this network, and 2) that devising strategic ways forward to develop our education research are important to the group. Topics for discussion will include laboratory teaching, including peer reviewed laboratory exercises, and professional development of sessional teaching staff, features of a recent meeting of ADEs from around Australia. Through this workshop we hope that we can re-engage existing members, recruit new members to SNUSE, fostering a new wave of collaboration in tertiary education in science in Sydney and identify ways to improve collaboration. Background information about SNUSE can be found at