Listing of Inherited Disorders in Animals (LIDA) for cats: an on-line relational database, using non-technical descriptions written by veterinary students


  • Paul McGreevy
  • Sally Pope
  • Federico Costa
  • Peter Thomson
  • Tonya Stokes
  • Vanessa Barrs


The Listing of Inherited Disorders in Animals (LIDA) for cats has implemented research-led approaches to learning and teaching and used these to showcase student output of high quality. The Listing of Inherited Disorders in Animals (LIDA) is a leading example of how learning outcomes can be aligned with assessment and the students’ deliverables then developed into a learning resource. Exemplifying the high standard of work students can produce when thoughtfully guided and advised, LIDA began as a library-based activity offered to Veterinary Science undergraduate students. The exercise was designed for students to develop an appreciation of the variety of congenital and inherited disorders in cats, and to reflect on the impact of these on cat welfare, describing their effects in clear, plain English. Much of the written work submitted by students for this assignment was incorporated, with their permission and acknowledgment, into the LIDA database. It now constitutes an online relational database, using non-technical descriptions, almost all credited to individual students.