Aligning Introductory Chemistry with the needs of the Faculty of Veterinary Science


  • Thien Le
  • Siegbert Schmid
  • Adrian V. George
  • Justin R. Read


The School of Chemistry and Faculty of Veterinary Science at The University of Sydney have collaborated to offer a comprehensive foundation chemistry course (CHEM1405), which is directed at first year Veterinary Science students. CHEM1405 is a one-semester long chemistry unit of study designed to support subsequent studies of biochemistry, animal nutrition, physiology and pharmacology. The unit provides a chemical background that assists students to develop a robust understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases. The syllabus spans chemical theories in inorganic, physical and organic chemistry with a strong emphasis on biological applications. The CHEM1405 unit comprises 39 hours of lectures (18 lectures covering inorganic and physical chemistry and 21 lectures in organic chemistry) plus 27 hours of practical laboratory work (equivalent to nine three hour sessions) and 13 hours of tutorial.