Evaluating the New Technologies: A student learning focused perspective


  • Michael Prosser


There has been a growing impact of the new technologies on the processes and outcomes of teaching and learning. The developments are occurring faster than they can be properly evaluated. Much of the evaluation that is being conducted has been from the teacher's perspective, focussing on: learning gains by students on tests produced by teachers; and improvements in the productivity of teaching and learning (Alexander and McKenzie, 1998). There has been little research or evaluation focussing on the students' experiences of using the technology - a student rather than teacher focused perspective. This paper will address the issue of evaluation of the new technologies from a student learning perspective. In doing so, it will outline the characteristics of the evaluative research being conducted in university science education from this student learning perspective, show examples of research and evaluation from that perspective, and outline some strategies for the future evaluation of the new technologies in teaching and learning. In passing it will summarise the theory and research underlying the development of the CEQ.