First use of Re:View – a tool to combine assessment tasks, marking criteria and graduate attributes


  • Blair Nield UTS
  • Rose Martiniello-Wilks UTS
  • Robert Guzowski UTS
  • Anne Simpson UTS
  • Najah Nassif UTS


In order to improve clarity of the link between assessment tasks and graduate attributes to students, Re:View was introduced across three undergraduate biochemistry subjects. Re:View is an on-line assessment tool which provides a direct visual link between graduate attributes and marking criteria. It also provides students with an easy to access portal to retrieve their grade and assessor feedback on assessment tasks. Our aim was to improve the second and third year biochemistry student laboratory based learning experience by developing and clarifying the link between assessment tasks, marking criteria and graduate attributes, using ReView as the assessment tool. Marking criteria for laboratory based assessments across three biochemistry subjects were available to the students, and their assessments were marked against rubrics of criterion referenced marking criteria using Re:View. Student opinion was canvassed via anonymous feedback surveys and focus groups. Student opinion showed Re:View was of benefit to align marking criteria with graduate attributes and provided easy access to feedback which could be used to improve future work. With the use of Re:View we have clarified the link between assessment tasks and marking criteria and enhanced student engagement with laboratory based assessment tasks, which has improved their written assessment performance.