Draft threshold learning outcomes for agricultural science


  • Tina Acuna University of Tasmania
  • Jo-Anne Kelder
  • Peter Lane
  • Greg Hannan


Learning and Teaching Academic Standard (LTAS) Statements have been published across a number of disciplines and have contributed to the national regulation and quality assurance framework being developed by the Higher Education Standards Panel. Here we report on a draft Agricultural Science Standards Statement (AgSSS). This is adapted from the Science Standards Statement (SSS) that contains a statement on the Nature and Extent of Science and articulated Threshold Learning Outcome (TLOs) statements representing the minimum levels of achievement expected of a bachelor level Science graduate. The development of the AgSSS broadly followed that of the national LTAS Science project (2010/11) on a smaller scale and included a measure of national consensus including endorsement from the Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture. The AgSSS reflects discipline-specific attributes and the TLOs incorporate minimum levels of achievement in vocational knowledge. This paper discusses how the project outcomes night be used to contribute to the future renewal and revitalization of the Agricultural Science curriculum and facilitate meeting reporting requirements, such as those required by TEQSA.