The use of Digi-Explanations as an innovative, alternative assessment technique suited to the demonstration of complex and simple practical skills for biomedical science students


  • Nina Fotinatos University of Ballarat


Student evidence of learning is a challenging concept for many educators in the higher education and Vocational Education Training (VET) domain. ‘Digi Explanations’ are a relatively new multi-media assessment technique that has recently become well-known particularly since its support from the Office of Learning and Teaching. This assessment technique is primarily based on work presented by Associate Professor Gary Hobban’s and detailed within the DigiExplanation website ( This case study reports on the findings and feedback of a trial with a cohort of Biomedical Science students from Federation University Australia (formerly known as University of Ballarat) during Semester 1 (2014). This assessment technique replaced traditional practical report assessment techniques in both a microbiology and anatomical pathology context. This assessment technique coupled with team-based learning principles, peer review and various forms of feedback has allowed for building confidence in eLearning presentation skills, student engagement and learning of scientific concepts in an alternative mind set.

Author Biography

Nina Fotinatos, University of Ballarat

Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching (School of Health Science) Senior Lecturer/Researcher (Biomedical & Public Health)