Scientists and mathematicians in schools


  • Camille Rogers CSIRO education and outreach


Come hear how you can share your passion for science and maths with teachers and students. CSIRO Education’s Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools is a skilled volunteering program offering you the opportunity to make a difference to the science and mathematics education of primary and secondary school students. Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools (SMiS) is an Australian Government initiative designed to create and support long-term professional partnerships between scientists, mathematicians, and teachers. The purpose is to give teachers a link to current, real-life science and maths, to promote a deeper understanding of the role of science and maths in our society and, more importantly, to engage and encourage students to undertake science or maths at the tertiary level. A successful, well-established national program, over 4000 professional partnerships between scientists, mathematicians and teachers have been created since July 2007. Currently more than 1600 scientists and mathematicians across Australia are involved in partnerships. Hear about SMiS partnerships including the activities they do together and the impact these partnerships have on students and teachers. You will hear about what makes effective, successful partnerships, how to develop your own ideas for a partnership and most importantly, how you can get involved. SMiS is a great way to help inspire the next generation of scientists and mathematicians have fun in the process!