Using engagement in lectures as an entree for learning


  • Manjula Sharma


Lectures are a signature pedagogy for university education. Lectures in which an academic exhibits their passion for their discipline, giving students a taste of the wonders awaiting, captures the imagination. What unfolds is starkly different to this mystical enthrallment. In fact reality is so different that many think that lectures could be replaced by online material. Others think that lectures are morphing into tutorials. What is ‘the lecture’? Is there a place for lectures in university education? Could lectures provide the entrée for learning? My Office for Learning and Teaching National Teaching Fellowship explores these questions. Twelve institutions have opened up their lectures for exploration. Chemistry and physics are involved in concept surveying while biology and mathematics in case studies. We will unpack the lecture and its role in the curriculum. Support and resources available for lecturers and lecturing will be shared as well as our model for mentoring early career lecturers.