Criterion-based assessment of statistical reasoning, thinking and literacy – early stages


  • Sharon Gunn University of Melbourne
  • Helen MacGillivray Queensland University of Technology
  • Anthony Morphett University of Melbourne
  • Jacqueline Reid University of New England


Statistical reasoning, thinking and literacy (SRTL) is a popular framework for considering learning outcomes in statistics education [1]. In this ideas exchange workshop participants will discuss the role of SRTL in undergraduate science education in Australia. We will take steps towards a shared understanding of statistical thinking, reasoning and literacy amongst academics. We will gauge interest for a potential extension to the mathsassess OLT project ( [2] to develop supporting resources for assessment of SRTL in undergraduate statistics and other disciplines where statistics is an integral part of the curriculum. The session is intended to help refine the scope and aims of the proposed extension project and will lay the ground for future workshops in this area.