Are undergraduates' expectations mirrored by graduates' realisations and employers' demands?


  • Roger Collinson
  • Kevin Fergusson Curtin University
  • Adrian Wong


Innovation in teaching and learning in vocational university courses has involved mentoring schemes by industry to match the skills taught with the industry demands. However, an alternative way of ensuring university graduates are job ready involves an analysis of the job market destinations of graduates. The authors surveyed Curtin University undergraduates in the second semester of 2014 in respect of the actuarial science programme's attributes pertaining to skills and knowledge taught, the lecturers' expertise and the university's support for students. Additionally, the authors surveyed Curtin University graduates and examined employer advertisements with regards to the skills and knowledge required by graduates and employers. The results of our investigation highlight areas where Curtin University's actuarial programme can be better tailored to the demands of the workplace.