A co-creation research project for determining study preferences and creating study resources



co-creation, students as partners


Angela and Hannah are undergraduate students who worked consecutively in partnership with Michelle to turn student frustrations into useful study tools for future cohorts of genetics students. Michelle is coordinator of the relevant genetics courses, and Angela and Hannah had just completed these courses when starting (Angela) or continuing (Hannah) the research project. Genetics is acknowledged to be a challenging subject for learners. Students must deal with a heavy vocabulary load, and there are numerous common misconceptions. Our project is a combination of co creation and undergraduate research. Co-creation fits within the students-as-partners conceptual framework, which is a powerful approach to student engagement and learning design. This presentation gives our current findings on the five major aims of the project: • Identifying topics that past students report as most difficult or confusing • Identifying the types of learning tools (study aids) that students would most appreciate • Developing study aids for priority topics • Implementing new study aids for current students • Evaluating current students’ use and perceptions of the study aids We will conclude with reflections by Angela and Hannah on their motivations and experience with this project.