AUTC Physics Project: Learning outcomes and curriculum development


  • A. Mendez
  • M.D. Sharma
  • B. James
  • D. Mills
  • J. Pollard
  • L. Kirkup
  • M. Livett
  • R. Newbury
  • M. Zadnik
  • M. Prosser


The Australian Universities Teaching Committee is funding a project to investigate the learning outcomes and curriculum development in physics at Australian universities. The project aims to map current practices and future directions in the broad areas of curriculum relating to service/multidisciplinary teaching and majors, employer satisfaction and industry involvement, and student satisfaction. A questionnaire has been administered with 85% return to date from the 34 physics departments or groups in Australian universities. In this paper we present the study design and initial results which include consideration of challenges faced by departments with respect to teaching and learning, departmental strengths and the development of new courses.