Indigenous Australian Literature in German. Some Considerations on Reception, Publication and Translation


  • Oliver Haag


European reception, translation


This article retraces the publication and dissemination of Indigenous Australian literature in European languages other than English. It presents a statistical survey based on an extended bibliography. Furthermore, it identifies some of the major difficulties in the translation processes and the marketing of Indigenous stories. While statistics and the bibliography take all non-English European languages into account, this essay focuses on German-speaking countries.

Author Biography

Oliver Haag

Oliver Haag was born in Graz and studied History and Political Science at the University of Vienna, Austria. He specialised in the history of historiography and autobiography, Indigenous Studies, and theories of nation-building, with particular interest in Australia. Oliver is the author of academic writings on published Indigenous Australian autobiographies and Australian historiography. He is currently working on a collaborative research project entitled ‘national unity through diversity’.