Clancy Departs Dog Eat Bone World: Richard Freadman remembers Laurie Clancy


  • Richard Freadman English Program, La Trobe University


Australian literature, Lauirie Clancy, memoir


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Author Biography

Richard Freadman, English Program, La Trobe University

Richard Freadman was Professor of English from 1991-2012 at La Trobe University and enjoyed Laurie Clancy's companionship as colleague and friend for two decades. Richard has published a number of books on literary topics, including (with Seumas Miller) Re-thinking Theory: A Critique of Contemporary Literary Theory and an Alternative Account (Cambridge: 1992), Threads of Life: Autobiography and the Will (Chicago: 2001), a memoir entitled Shadow of Doubt: My Father and Myself (Bystander: 2003), and This Crazy Thing a Life: Australian Jewish Autobiography (University of Western Australia Press: 2007). He is currently writing a volume of biographical and autobiographical essays entitled The Coming of Age at Peconic.