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Chemistry Education Pedagogies & Practices, TPACK, RACI Chemical Education Division


Gwendolyn Lawrie, representing the RACI Chemical Education Division Committee ZOOM WORKSHOP ACTIVITIES This workshop will include 3 sessions to catalyse conversations. Activities will be facilitated by members of the RACI Chemical Education Division Committee and the wider chemistry education community. Zoom will be used to facilitate activities including breakout rooms for ‘round table’ discussions, polling and collaborative creation of content. 1. A landscape view of chemistry educators’ experiences: ‘successes’ and ‘unsuccesses’ The recent transition to emergency remote teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in adoption, adaptation and creation of chemistry pedagogies, practices and assessment in online learning environments. The opportunities and challenges in teaching will be distilled to inform the next session. 2. Defining, curating and disseminating exemplars of TPACK in practice In this session, participants will be encouraged to contribute to a co-constructed repository of shared resources for teaching and learning of chemistry online. The first step will be to re-establish shared understanding of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) to assist in collation of resources. 3. Ensuring and widening access and participation in learning chemistry online The transition of learning into online environments has amplified potential barriers that students face in accessing learning. In this session, inclusive practices will be identified to develop recommendations for practice. ANTICIPATED OUTCOMES • Strengthening networks and communities of practice in chemistry education • An open access resource bank of online teaching and assessment exemplars for the community to share • Recommendations for inclusive learning and teaching practices Submissions for this workshop session by community members have been invited through the ChemNet June newsletter. The repository will be hosted at

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Gwendolyn A. Lawrie, The University of Queensland

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