Policy brief: Improving teacher qualifications for equitable teacher workforce in Flemish - Belgium education


  • Fasiha Faizi The University of Melbourne




This policy brief addresses persistent challenges in the Flemish-Belgian education system, including quality improvement, teacher shortages, student guidance, institutional capacity, and secondary school duration. Despite increased funding, the ongoing exodus of educators remains concerning. To achieve equitable learning outcomes, the brief advocates for enhancing teacher qualifications, aligning training with diverse learner needs, and providing continuous professional development. Additionally, it recommends bolstering educational leadership, promoting teaching as a respected profession, establishing a teacher career structure linked to certification, and improving data collection for accurate monitoring of teacher supply and demand. These measures aim to address teacher shortages, foster inclusivity, and ensure all students have equal access to quality education. Collaborative efforts among organizations like UNESCO, OECD, and EUROSTAT are highlighted for improved data collection, essential for informed policy decisions and resource allocation in the Flemish education sector.