Translation and adaptation of “Study Processes Questionnaire for Physics” to the Turkish language


  • Hilal Sultan Alkan Department of Science and Math Education, Kutahya Dumlupinar University, Kutahya, Turkiye
  • M. Sait Gökalp Department of Science and Math Education, Kutahya Dumlupinar University, Kutahya, Turkiye


Scale Adaptation, Study Processes, Study Habits


In this study, an aim was to adapt the Study Processes Questionnaire for Physics (SPQP) (Sharma, Stewart, Wilson, & Gökalp, 2013) to Turkish, which is adapted from the Study Process Questionnaire-SPQ (Biggs, 1987) by Sharma et al. (2013). The aim of adapting this scale to Turkish is that there is no scale of study processes suitable for science subjects available for secondary school students in Turkey. Our aim in this study is to use this scale on secondary school students studying in Turkey to measure the processes surrounding how they think about physics subjects, their ways of knowing how to learn and their working methods. The original SPQP scale contains 28 5-point Likert type items administered to university physics students. Its validity and reliability were tested and the results were evaluated. Afterall, 16 items were retained in the scale. Validity and reliability results of SPQP were consistent with SPQ. In the current study, the SPQP was to be used for younger students. Beside changing the language, cultural and environmental differences were taken into account by the researchers. The items were translated into Turkish and carefully assessed by the experts to see if it fit the culture of the country. Expert opinions were taken to ensure unity on the terms. Expert opinion was again consulted to see its suitability for the purpose and target students. At the current stage, the adapted SPQP is ready to be used for a pilot study with about 600 students. This stage will be completed by November and the detailed results and conclusions will be presented.


Biggs, J. B. (1987). Student Approaches to Learning and Studying. Australian Council for Educational Research. Camberwell, Vic.

Sharma, M. D., Stewart, C., Wilson, R., & Gokalp, M. S. (2013). Student Approaches to Learning in Physics-Validity and Exploration Using Adapted SPQ. International Journal of Environmental and Science Education, 8(2), 241-253.