Collaborative science inquiry with the CoSci virtual lab


  • Chen-Chung Liu National Central University
  • Chia-Hui Cheng National Tsing Hua University


The CoSci Virtual Lab (, standing for “Collaboration” and “Science Learning”, is developed by Professor Chen-Chung Liu (National Central University), Emeritus Professor Fu-Kwun Hwang (National Taiwan Normal University) and Professor Francisco Esquembre (Universidad de Murcia). The CoSci Virtual Lab allows students to conduct physics experiment collaboratively and to explore and examine their science ideas with more than 100 physics simulations.

Intended Audience: University and Secondary-School Educators

Author Biographies

Chen-Chung Liu, National Central University

Prof. Chen-Chung Liu is currently a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Central University.

Chia-Hui Cheng, National Tsing Hua University

A/Prof. Chia-Hui Cheng is currently an assistant professor in the Graduate Institute of Mathematics and Science Education, National Tsing Hua University.