Lessons learned from COVID-19: What works for online physics teaching and learning?


  • ICPE 2022


Stating that the COVID-19 pandemic significantly interrupted our old-normal of educational institutions worldwide, is a huge understatement. It would be a mistake to assume that all faculties suddenly developed essential skills or an enthusiasm for online teaching as a result of the emergency remote teaching. The post-COVID-19 era offers an opportunity to improve the online teaching experience for faculty and to improve the quality of online learning for students.

While varied strategies are being used in online teaching and learning, this panel will focus on the questions:

  • What lessons have physics instructors, students, and administrators learned from the pandemic?
  • Are the lessons worth keeping? What gains were made, and how can physics teaching harness and improve on those gains?
  • To what extent can online education bridge the gap among our students?
  • What needs to be taken into account when designing online educational resources?

This panel will comprise of physics educators who have successfully taught physics online and been able to engage students actively.


Jacinta den Besten, The University of Melbourne, Australia


Svetlana Postnova, The University of Sydney, Australia

Sukrit (Nick) Sucharitakul, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Bethany Wilcox, University of Boulder Colorado, USA