Towards a framework of teaching and learning indicators in Australian universities


  • Denise Chalmers


A comprehensive review of the international context, the research literature on quality teaching and learning indicators, and teaching and learning indicators in use has been undertaken and has informed the identification of the key dimensions of quality teaching that are critical for quality learning and teaching in universities (Chalmers 2007). These dimensions are: 1. institutional climate and systems; 2. diversity and inclusivity; 3. assessment; and 4. student engagement and learning community. These key dimensions for quality teaching are outlined briefly in the presentation. The validity of each dimension is based on extensive empirical research and a strong theoretical underpinning. The dimensions are not independent of each other but overlap, as would be expected to occur in complex organisations. The framework reflects this complexity and overlap. However, if a university interrogates its institutional mission and practices through the different lenses of these dimensions, and makes thoughtful decisions and initiatives based on the evidence that is gathered in the process, then the outcomes for the students’ learning and experiences are more likely to be enhanced. This presentation will provide an overview of the framework and discuss the implications for university practice at the institutional, faculty, program of study and teacher levels.