Physclips: multi-level, multi-media resources for teaching first year university physics


  • Joe Wolfe
  • George Hatsidimitris


In an AUTC project (2005), the Physics community within the Australian higher education sector identified the pooling and development of resources as a long term objective. This poster outlines the development and use of a project, called Physclips, that contributes to this objective. Physclips is a suite of online interactive learning and teaching resources for mechanics at the late high school or university level. The project was funded by the Carrick Institute for Higher Education and is the outcome of a collaboration between a physicist and an educational multimedia developer. Topics are introduced in multimedia modules using video clips, animations, and graphics, with a narration. The modules are segmented and have pause and replay for user control of delivery. At key points, the rich-multimedia modules use contextually embedded hyperlinks to accompanying web pages that promote deeper understanding through more detailed conceptual discussion and analysis. A range of user feedback from an earlier project informed a revised approach that provided increased flexibility: the various learning objects utilised in the multimedia modules are also incorporated into the detailed support sites, whence they may be downloaded by educators, or appreciated in detailed context by student users. Initial student feedback suggests that the resource is both engaging and instructive. Further evaluation is required to investigate fully student performance and the efficacy of the design. Physclips is at