Dale Collins, Media Man: Australian Interwar Print Culture and the Technologies of Production, Distribution, and Reception Before and After ‘Australian Literature’


  • Victoria Kuttainen James Cook University


Dale Collins, interwar fiction, periodical print culture, vernacular modernism, transnationalism, fame


This article explores Dale Collins as an intriguing gap in the Australian literary record. A prolific writer and a creature of the transnational and Australian interwar periodical press who was subsequently reviled and forgotten, Dale Collins is worthy of attention because of his output alone. But the vicissitudes of Collins’ fame and repute position him as a particularly thought-provoking and revealing case study in relation to new understandings of the literary past. They also potentially open up ways to consider the technologies of the self through which Australian Literature has become coherent to itself in ways that need to be continually reconceptualised, expanded, or worked through.

Author Biography

Victoria Kuttainen, James Cook University

Associate Professor English and Writing


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