Grounding the Teaching of Anatomy and Physiology in Indigenous Pedagogy


  • Natalia Bilton Lecturer in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Charles Sturt University


This article demonstrates how Indigenous pedagogy (IP) can be used in anatomy and physiology education in the tertiary sector. We propose that bringing IP to tertiary education may increase the engagement of Indigenous students in the first year of university study. Current literature focuses on IP applied to primary and secondary education and only one study to date has been published in the tertiary sector. In this paper, we present a series of IP informed learning activities designed to increase student engagement with anatomy and physiology across a broad range of educational settings. We will present a total of 4 activities each focusing on a different aspect of IP. This paper aims to provide examples and a starting point where academics can foster creativity in their teaching practice and help build on the discourse of Indigenous andragogy in the tertiary education sector.






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